Fully Customizable

SIPLEX unified VoIP platform can be fully customized to match your exact business needs.

You can build your own unique phone system with

  • A variety of handsets from different manufacturers
  • Unique inbound numbers
  • Different welcome messages, ringing plans & call routings
You can even extend it to cater for mobile/home working and join all your branches together to form a nationwide company switchboard.

Another type of customization is the ability to include bespoke software applications built by our in-house software developers. Below are some of the applications we have built for our customers:

  • Web based tools for managing and configuring the phone system by yourself
  • Web based call monitoring & reporting facility
  • Voice recording management software
  • Integration with popular CRMs (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint, SugarCRM)
  • Direct-dial from Outlook contacts
  • Smartphone application to allow users to make calls through office phone system while abroad
  • One-click calling card facility for smartphone users

You are not required to have a SIPLEX system installed in order to enjoy the benefits of the software customization we offer. Our developers are able to build applications and integrate them with your existing platform according to your specific requirements.

Just speak to our team to find out how SIPLEX customizations can enhance your business communication experiences.