Company Information

Based in London and Peterborough and found by a group of VoIP experts in April 2012, SIPLEX aims to bring top quality unified VoIP solutions to small & medium sized businesses across the UK.

The company name "SIPLEX" constitutes an interconnect, a "plex" of SIP (an industry standard VoIP protocol) enabled components that can be configured and linked to form a unique customer proposition.

The founders of SIPLEX have been working in the VoIP industry with customers primarily in Central London and South East for the last 13 years. They have all participated in the development of the SIPLEX platform and have extensive experiences in building VoIP software applications based on customers' requirements.

If you are:

  • Looking for a phone system for your new business
  • Thinking of replacing/upgrading your existing system
  • Expanding the capabilities of your business telecommunication system (e.g. for home/remote working)
  • Searching for software engineers to build applications according to your specific requirements

Please speak to us and we will make sure that SIPLEX is the right choice for you.