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Fully Managed Business Broadband Services

Fully Managed Broadband

We offer a wide range of fully managed broadband services for SME customers starting from the basic ADSL up to the highly reliable, dedicated Fibre connection. These connections are carefully designed for both standalone operation and in conjunction with SIPLEX UniComm communication platform.

For new businesses we are able to provide you all types of broadband connections based on your exact needs and also help you design and set up your office network at a very competitive price. If you are an existing business and are not happy with your current provider, i t is possible to move your service to us at no charge.

By becoming a SIPLEX customer, you will receive the following benefits:

24x7 Monitoring
Our technicians use professional monitoring program to keep a close eye on all our customer connections to make sure you are always up and running.

Proactive Troubleshooting
Our own UK office based helpdesk will resolve any issues for you quickly and professionally. If there is an inevitable disruption to your connection, we will keep it to the minimum.

Loan Equipment
As a fully managed service, our engineers are able to not only take over and manage your existing hardware, but also supply you with our pre-configured hardware in case certain equipment is required immediately or your current one has failed. Network equipment supplied by us are high quality products from Cisco and Draytek.

No Download Limits
We do not impose any download limits on our business broadband products, so you can fully utilise our services with no worry.

Blazing-fast Connection Speed
Our services can maintain high connection speed even during peak business hours. This is because we are constantly working to expand our network capacity to ensure contention-free access for our customers.

Experiencing the Best of SIPLEX UniComm
For customers who also use our SIPLEX UniComm communication platform, we will fine-tune your broadband connection to ensure crystal-clear voices and minimum delay.

Product Table

Cost per month
Up to 1.3Mbps
Up to 24Mbps
Draytek 2830
ADSL2+ Annex M
Up to 2.5Mbps
Up to 18Mbps
Draytek 2830
Up to 2.5Mbps
Up to 2.5Mbps
Draytek 2830
Up to 4Mbps
Up to 4Mbps
Draytek 2830
Up to 2Mbps
Up to 2Mbps
Cisco 878
Up to 2Mbps
Up to 40Mbps
Draytek 2850
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 20Mbps

Actual speed depends on the distance between the local exchange and your premise.